iHTTP 5.7

Install Apache, PHP and MySQL in one go


  • Easy to install
  • Three environments in one


  • Very limited in features


Ever Wanted to install Apache, PHP or MySQL but didn’t know how? iHTTP allows you to install the Apache server, MySQL and PHP on your Mac instantly.

iHTTP works with one interface and three different tabs for each function - MySQL, Apache and PHP. This makes it extremely convenient for working between each one. Uninstalling each one is as easy as installing. Simply select the environment you want to remove and click the uninstall button - easy as that!

Other than that there are no other major functions of iHTTP. You have buttons to control whether you start or stop the environment or restart them. The interface isn't exactly attractive but that's not what you really use this program for - it's for the convenience of having 3 database environments in one.

iHTTP is an excellent tool for anyone that needs to use MySQL, Apache and PHP and doesn't want to install separate packages.



iHTTP 5.7

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